Welcome to Coloring Architecture : interiors.

A built environment coloring book.

Have you always dreamt of being an architect or designer? Do you think about the space you are in and how it might look better or different? Coloring Architecture is for people might want to be in the designer seat for a bit.

With Coloring Architecture, I want you to feel as comfortable drawing these chairs as you would sitting in them. The drawings are not so intricate that you need to use a looking glass to stay in the lines. Nope. You can color in big swaths of color in backgrounds or on furniture too. You can add patterns too, using the couple of last pages in the book and a good window or light table. (See the “Special Sauce” note near the front of the book.)

So, color a table, lamp or rug with patterns from your head, or get inspiration from the room where you sit.

These coloring pages in “Coloring Architecture” are here to make you feel good about the built environment. Stay inside the lines or not. It is up to you. You are the designer.

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