The Drawings

“Coloring Architecture” is a compilation of many hand drawings that were made over the course of a year. I always heard “Draw something everyday.” Finally I did it. Over 12 months, I tried to find some picture of an interior of a room or building, a piece of furniture or a small scene, and I set about drawing it. I used pen so I could not erase anything. If something was out of proportion or scale, I had to live with it. (And you do too)

I am working on another series of drawings that will be exteriors of buildings. It might have more detail, but not too much more. Because sometimes you just want to color and get it done.

Here are a couple of images from the book. Drawn freehand, the images have plenty of spaces to color and places to use your imagination and add patterns.

coloring architecture drawing pagecoloring architecture drawing pagecoloring architecture drawing page